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What is coworking?

Surely lately you have heard this shared office or coworking space mumbai office often and have wondered what is really coworking ? how does it work ? what differences are there with a shared office or a business center?

According to Wikipedia, coworking or co-work is a form of work that allows independent professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers from different sectors, to share the same work space (both physical and virtual) in order to develop their professional projects while promoting joint projects .

Co working is a work and life philosophy that allows professionals from different sectors to share the same work space without losing their independence.

It is very important to emphasize that the basis of co working lies in your community. This does not mean that necessarily coworkers have to participate in the activities and initiatives of the space, but yes, that there must be a manager or community builder that energizes and watches over the community. This is the main nuance that differentiates it from a HUB or business center.

How coworking works

Co-working is understood as a transfer of space for the professional to work in a shared environment. The co-working spaces should be governed by a set of rules of coexistence that allow the work environment is suitable for the whole community.

We could say that, for a co-working space to work, the following points must be fulfilled:

  • Coexistence and respect
  • Common areas that allow connection between coworkers
  • The figure of the space manager as a link between coworkers
  • Freedom of access
  • Memberships or simple pricing modalities focused on the chosen profile
  • Initiatives and elements that provide dynamism and help promote ideas
  • Continuous evolution and speed when executing improvements

Advantages of co-working

  • It allows the entrepreneur to leave the house at a lower cost than the rental of a local
  • It helps to feel surrounded by other professionals and leave aside the loneliness of the autonomous
  • Improve discipline and set schedules
  • Sometimes, it drives new projects with other coworkers

The Co-working Community in Mumbai

There is no doubt that the movement has evolved very rapidly in recent years. In the report on the situation of coworking in 2016 , the pros and cons of a way of working that already has hundreds of spaces distributed throughout Spain are evaluated.